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Rhino Paintball Park was my first paintball job, thank you goes out to Ian Laferty for the opportunity 16 years ago. 


Thank you to the other paintball parks that gave me an opportunity to organize events at their fields, Bad Boyz Paintball, Stingers Indoor Paintball, Marked Ultimate Family Adventure Park, Commando Paintball, Paintball Fu du lie, Georgina Paintball, Flag Raiders, hope some of you got to experience some of those events! 


A thank you to the supporters of these events over all these years. Especially Ntensity Customs for the many years of support.


Another thank you but a bigger one goes out to the Synergy Referees! 


I'd like to personally say thank you Mathew Santo’s for helping us create the Synergy Referee Program, we have taught 150 people through the program so far! 

To Tuna, Peter, Steve, Darryl Thank you for all your time and commitment to these events and all others referees who have helped over the 12 seasons, 125 events, and through my estimation of 40,000 registered players! 

Finally i'd like to say thank you to the Williams Family for giving me such a unique opportunity and finding the trust in me to organize the majority of your Paintball Events here at PRZ for the past 12 seasons, It was truly an honor!

                                                   - Kyle Lecuyer

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