Friday 26th

12:00pm – Registration Opens

2:00pm - Walk on games (mini games)
4:00pm – None paintball games (cornhole/horseshoes/lawn bowling)

6:00pm – Accuracy Competition 

7:00pm – Games end / Movie

8:00pm – Registration Closes


Saturday 27th 

7:00am – Registration Opens

9:30am – Morning Player Brief

10:30am – Battlefield Asylum 

3:30pm - Game End
4:30pm - Final Battle

5:30pm – End of Day Brief 

8:00pm - Asylum night OPS

11:00pm - Registration Closes


Sunday 28th

8:00am – Registration Opens 

9:30am – Morning Player Brief 

10:30am – All day Mini Games

1:00pm - Lunch

4:00pm – Final Game 

6:00pm – Registration Close 


Event Rules 

  • Players who break any of these rules may be given “Judge Punch” and/or be asked to leave.

  • Event paintballs only for all paintballs .43, .50, .68,.

  • Masks must follow ASTM guidelines for paintball masks

  • Masks must be on at all times while on the field 

  • Barrel bags or plugs must have a functioning elastic drawstring and be on all of your markers before exiting the playing field

  • All fire modes, up to 12.5 balls per second 

  • Markers Chrono at 265 feet per second for all paintballs 

  • .43 cal paintball and .50 cal paintball pistols will be allowed to be used at stock velocity.

  • No mercy rule

  • When a player is hit they must yell loudly “out/hit” and place one hand on their head. The player can wait up to 30 seconds for a medic (unless hit in the head) or they can go back to their respawn base. Players are considered “out” when:

  • A paintball breaks on a player or any of their gear;

    • Tagged by an opposing player with their hands or any of their gear;

    • Paint stain from a paint grenade the size of a quarter;

    • A referee called you out of play. Referees can call players out anytime if needed.

    • Smoke grenades must be cold smoke. Only one smoke grenade inside at a time

  • No strobe lights

  • No fake flash bangs / thunderb’s

  • No jumping or climbing out of any 2nd/3rd floor windows, no going on the roofs

  • No blind shooting around bunkers, corners or windows

  • No talking to other players after being hit 

  • You may not remove your team sided colored armbands while you’re on the playing field

  • Players can have no more than %25 Orange as their gear or clothing, its for staff

  • No moving bunkers or other props unless told to do so by event coordinator or Referee

  • Parts of the field is out of play please follow the warning signs and Referee instructions 

  • If you hear BARREL BAG’S loudly 3 times, this indicates a cease fire. Stay at your spot take a knee and wait for instructions from a referee

Aug 26, 12:00 p.m. – Aug 28, 5:00 p.m.
Prince Edward,
204 Kingsley Rd, Prince Edward, ON K0K 2T0, Canada
Can you make it?