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Sat, Mar 26


Prince Edward


Event Details March 26th 2022 PRZ Paintball - 204 Kingsley Road, Picton, ON, K0K 2T0 MFOG - Markers must be reloaded by a magazine and cannot use a hopper Theme: 1812

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Time & Location

Mar 26, 2022, 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Prince Edward, 204 Kingsley Rd, Prince Edward, ON K0K 2T0, Canada

About The Event

Event Pricing

Pre-Registration Link: Canadian Conflict (MFOG)by Synergy - PRZ (

$45 - Saturday 

$20 - BYOP 


Paintballs can be purchased prior to, or at the field.

2-Star -  $90 case

Graffiti - $100 case

Bags of .68cal paintballs

2-Star -  $30 bag

Graffiti - $35 bag

Saturday March 26th

7:00am – Registration Opens

9:30am – Morning Player Brief

10:30am –  Canadian Conflict pt1

12:30pm – Lunch Break

1:30pm – Canadian Conflict pt2

5:00pm – The Final Conflict

6:00pm – End of Day Brief

8:00pm – Registration Close

Event Rules

  1. Bring Your Own Paintballs, no red fill or oil based paintballs
  2. Masks must follow ASTM guidelines for paintball masks
  3. Masks must be on at all times while on the field
  4. Players can only use Magfed type markers, no hoppers
  5. Barrel bags or plugs must have a functioning elastic drawstring and be on your marker before exiting the playing field
  6. All fire modes, up to 12.5 balls per second
  7. Markers Chrono at 280 feet per second for all paintballs and first strikes
  8. .43 cal paintball and .50 cal paintball pistols will be allowed to be used at stock velocity.
  9. No mercy rule
  10. When a player is hit they must yell loudly “out/hit” and place one hand on their head. The player can wait up to 30 seconds for a medic (unless hit in the head) or they can go back to their respawn base.
  11. Players are considered “out” when:
  • A paintball breaks on a player or any of their gear;
  • Paint stain from a paint grenade the size of a quarter;
  • A referee called you out of play. Referees can call players out anytime if needed.
  1. Smoke grenades must be cold smoke. Only one smoke grenade inside at a time
  2. No Strobe Lights
  3. No jumping or climbing out of any 2nd/3rd floor windows, no going on the roofs
  4. No blind shooting around bunkers, corners or windows
  5. No talking to other players after being hit
  6. You may not remove your team sided colored armbands while you’re on the playing field
  7. Players can have no more than %25 Orange as their gear or clothing, its for staff
  8. No moving bunkers or other props unless told to do so by event coordinator or Referee
  9. Parts of the field is out of play please follow the warning signs and Referee instructions
  10. If you hear BARREL BAG’S loudly 3 times, this indicates a cease fire. Stay at your spot take a knee and wait for instructions from a referee

Event Special Rules

Scenario Perks need to be earned throughout the scenario game. Players cannot have more than one Scenario perk at the same time during the game.


Players that become a Captain must have special coloured tape on the back of the mask strap.

There will be certain missions that can only be completed by a Captain.

Each team can have up to 6 Squad Leaders per team (including the General(s) and XO.

Riot Shield

If a Commander has purchased Riot ‘Shields’, players can receive the Riot Shield ability.

This Shield can be used to block incoming paintballs.

The Shield needs to have a 2 piece handle, and 3 ft in height by 2 ft of width.

If a player is using the shield but a paintball hits them anywhere on their body or gear,

that the player is “out”.

Hand Cannon

Players that receive the Hand Cannon ability can use a launcher that fires nerf rockets.

Only 6 Nerf rockets per Hand Cannon to use per life of the player using the launcher.

Once a rocket is fired, it has "exploded" and cannot be reused.

Any player that is in a bunker that gets hit by a nerf rocket, that player is “out”.

Rockets striking a man-made bunker eliminates all players within it and anyone within 6 ft.

This includes any live player, even friendly players.

Rockets striking a Riot Shield eliminates the Riot Shield Player.

Cavalry Charge

A Cavalry Charge is a 1 time use spawn point for up to 10 players.

Players must hang on the rope while a Ref escorts the players to the spawn location.

The players on the Cavalry cannot shoot or be shot until the Ref says “Go!”.

The Cavalry can drop anywhere outside of 50 yards of a spawn point.

Cavalry may only spawn on the top floor of a building.

Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster makes all players “out/hit” in a key location on the field.

All the players in that location opposing/friendly (including tanks) will then be “out”.

Referees will notify all players in that area that a Natural Disaster took place.

Players will get a 30 second warning to leave the area before being called “out”.


  • 10 hours

    Registration Opens

    Registration Office

  • 9 hours


    Chrono Station
6 more items available

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